IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
2-6 May 2020 // Virtual Conference

Tutorial 6

Deep Dive Into Interledger: Understanding the Interledger Ecosystem

Lucian Trestioreanu, Cyril Cassagnes, Radu State
University of Luxembourg, Luxemburg

At the technical level, the goal of Interledger is to provide an architecture and a minimal set of protocols to enable interoperability between any value transfer systems. The Interledger protocol is a protocol for inter-blockchain payments which can also accommodate FIAT currencies. To understand how it is possible to achieve this goal, several aspects of the technology require a deeper analysis. For this reason, in our journey to become knowledgeable and active contributors we decided to create our own test-bed on our premises. By doing so, we noticed that some aspects are well documented but we found that others might need more attention and clarification. Despite a large community effort, the task to keep information on a fast evolving software ecosystem up-to-date is tedious and not always the main priority for such a project. The purpose of this tutorial is to guide, through several examples and hands-on activities, community members who want to engage at different levels. The tutorial consolidates all the relevant information from generating a simple payment to ultimately creating a test-bed with the Interledger protocol suite between Ripple and other distributed ledger technology.